Pranila Rajan

portrait of Pranila Rajan

Position Title
Administrative assistant

  • Strategic Communications

Change is everywhere in our lives. Each day we all have to deal with challenges – sick children, a broken refrigerator, correcting mistakes, a colleague’s departure…. What does Pranila do about it? She blocks and tackles, multitasks, delegates and re-prioritizes!

In fact, Pranila embraces change as “new opportunities” rather than disappointments. She hopes to set an example for her three kids by resisting temptations to gossip or complain. “I always try to remember my mantra that ‘everything always works out,’” she says.

Before she joined Strategic Communications, Pranila worked as a temp worker at the UC Davis Medical Center, responding to patient calls.  She later attained a career position at Sponsored Programs in the Office of Research.

Earlier in her career, Pranila worked in nonprofit organizations for almost 10 years helping low-income parents find funding for childcare while they were in school or working.

Born and raised in the Fiji Islands, Pranila hopes to take her family back to her home country “to show my kids where their parents are from.”  

Life slogan

Never leave until tomorrow what you can do today.

Thing that really baffles me

A messy house.

Guilty pleasure

Sleeping in.