the strategic communications team poses with Chancellor May during the brand launch event

Impactful Stories Collaboratively Told


At Strategic Communications, we tell a story of UC Davis leadership and expertise. That narrative is curated by a team that includes writers, editors, designers, photographers, web developers, video/audio producers and social media strategists. Service areas include marketing, news and media relations, social media, web and interactive communications, executive communications, crisis and issues management, and multimedia production. We also work with partners across the institution to promote the amazing diversity of UC Davis programs and achievements.


Rewarding and Award-winning Work

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We authentically communicate about the impact and value of UC Davis by engaging with diverse audiences using a variety of methods.


We foster a greater recognition of how UC Davis addresses social issues, solves global problems, and enriches lives.


We provide leadership, expertise and support to our internal and external stakeholders.

We communicate in engaging, thoughtful and effective ways.

We collaborate effectively inside and outside the university as part of our daily work.

We think and act strategically and measure and report our progress.

We are creative and innovative and value diverse voices.

We are honest in all of our communications.

Ally Statement

As employees, we are committed to practicing the Principles of Community in how we interact with one another, listen to each other, and in how we work to tell the broader stories about UC Davis.

We recognize that racism has led to systemic injustice and that social injustice more broadly has remained a core element in our society. We acknowledge that the land on which we work has been the home of Patwin people for thousands of years.

We appreciate that ideas can come from anyone and that diversity of perspective, background and experience is something we value and seek out. We strive to keep our work anchored in empathy while striving for excellence. We want our work to be accessible. We commit to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment. We aim to be a trusted partner in our work and interactions.

We will hold ourselves accountable for our actions. We may fail or falter at times, but we will be open to listening, learning and growing.


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