Andy Fell

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News and Media Relations Specialist

  • News and Media Relations

Andy produces communications about research at UC Davis, especially in the mathematical and physical sciences, biological sciences and engineering. He also works with the Office of Research and the UC Davis Police Department, and other campus units as needed. As a result, he gets to talk to really smart people doing really interesting things in science and technology and then tell other people about it, which he thinks is really cool.

Andy arrived at UC Davis in 2000, initially in a temporary position in the News Service, and was soon hired as a science writer. Since then, he has covered stories from the latest nanotechnology to the origins of the universe, and met pioneers in all kinds of fields. In addition to writing he has produced video for both broadcast and Web, launched and run the Egghead research blog, and established the related Twitter account.

Andy has a bachelor's degree in zoology and a Ph.D. in immunology from Edinburgh University, Scotland. He lived for part of the 1990s in Brisbane, Australia, which still shows up in his accent from time to time. Before UC Davis, he worked in an agency producing communications for the pharmaceutical industry.


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“Is there any tea on this spaceship?”

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“Has anyone seen Andy lately?”

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