Amy Rafferty

portrait of Amy Rafferty

Position Title

  • News and Media Relations

Amy gives news releases and other publications that last careful read before they go out to the public. She also manages and edits the campus Web calendar and is assistant editor for Dateline, the campus's weekly faculty and staff newsletter.

Amy grew up in a small town on the Northern California coast and remembers hitchhiking for an hourlong drive "over the hill" every day to attend classes at the College of Marin in her freshman year.

She eventually transferred to UC Berkeley, where she earned a degree in ancient and medieval history. A grateful beneficiary of California's public education system, Amy is happy to have a job in a department that promotes all the good that the University of California does. And it turns out all those Latin classes come in handy for a copyeditor.

In her free time, Amy likes to train for and participate in ultradistance bicycle events. She is a two-time finisher of France's Paris-Brest-Paris ride and hopes one day to go back.

Favorite thing about my job

Getting paid to read

Best advice

From a cycling mentor: "Rule No. 1: Get there before the rest stop closes."

Random fact about me

I commute by bike, and in 23 years on campus, I have never bought an employee parking permit.